Though the holidays are all about sparing no expenses to give your loved ones and friends the best that you can offer, you don’t have to follow suit when it comes to decorating – instead, spare that money for some cool gifting ideas!


When it comes to decorating the table, it would be advisable to let everyone concentrate on the food, rather than look at the decorations that actually act as mere paraphernalia to the feast. Here are some DIY tips for decorating the table where you can recycle some old objects:


  • Since Christmas is the time for solid gift giving, extend the use of the wrapping to the table. Use fancy ribbons in your color theme for the season to tie the cutlery and crockery. This will make the result seem fancy.
  • In ancient times they didn’t have stores selling decorations. Instead, they used the fruits of the season to adorn the setting. You can do the same and you can even use the leftover for a sweet pie later!
  • When it comes to fruits, you don’t need to limit yourself. Try painting them with glitter or a plain color for added depth. Even the peels of fruits can work wonders as you carelessly strew them across the table.
  • Use the trimmings from wrapping paper to encircle your napkins and serviette holders. It will do you good to know you can put waste to some good use.
  • Candles come in handy to transform any environment. Go all out and buy them in different shapes, sizes and colors and light away. Just make sure nothing flammable is within the flame’s radius!

For more table decorating ideas, visit Goodhousekeeping.


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