How to Plan a Dance Party

Dance parties are always fun irrespective of the age group. The one time when you let yourself be free and literally dance to the tunes. When it’s organized well and if the music is hip and happening, you know the party is a good. However, organizing a good dance party is not as easy as it sounds. If you are hosting one, the following list will help you plan better.

  1. Writing down the guest list

The first thing you should be doing is writing the guest list even before you think of a location. Number of heads will help with finalizing the location. Send out invites over email or call to invite your guests. Start this atleast a week before your party.


  1. Choose the location

Based on the number of people attending your party, choose the location. You can think of hosting it at a community center, your backyard, your basement, your house or at a rented party hall. Check the space and confirm if it will be ideal for a dance party.


  1. Choose a theme

Decide on a theme a few days before the party so that you can inform your guests and make necessary arrangements. Choose one that all of your guests will be comfortable in. If it is a short notice, then go for one where the guests are able to arrange a costume easily.

Dance Party

Dance Party

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  1. Choose music and lighting

The right music is important for a dance party. Get help from friends to select the music and make sure to have songs that are related to the theme you chose. Arrange for a good sound system and check to see if it is clear and working properly. Dance parties have loud music so think of the noise level in case you are hosting it at home so that your neighbors are not disturbed. If you have booked a DJ, meet with him/her to express your expectations and the theme. Arrange for appropriate lighting and maybe even a disco ball. You can rent them instead of putting money to buy a new one.


  1. Set a budget

Parties can go over the top, so set a budget and make decisions that suits. Your location, whether to hire a DJ, caterer all depends on how much you want to spend.


  1. Arrange food and drinks

Make sure to stock up on lot of drinks as dancing can make everyone thirsty. Order some variety of finger foods and light snacks like potato crisps. You can also order pizzas which are quick and easy. Buy extra paper plates, spoons, cups and napkins. Keep dustbins in all corners.


  1. Make safety arrangements

If the dance party is for kids, make sure there are enough number of adults to monitor them. For teenagers, arrange the party to be on a weekend where they don’t have to worry about school the next day. Even for teenagers, it is good to arrange for adults to chaperon them. For adults, if there is alcohol at the party, make sure that they are within their limits in case they have to drive. Or arrange for a transportation if required. Keep a first aid kit ready and have friends to help you if required.

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