Budgeting Your Party Decorations

It is party time and your mind is busy planning for the party. Be it a small birthday party or a charming wedding party, decorations are inevitable and essential part of the party. Planning would really to be a nightmare especially when the budget shoots beyond expectations. Below is the list of elements essential for a party and how you much you can spend on these items based on your budget.

  1. Balloons

Is there a party without balloons? You can either hire a party decorator to handle the balloon decoration or if you are running on a tight budget, then blow them yourself and decorate according to your creativity. You can tie them on the ceiling or make shapes with it based on the nth anniversary or nth birthday or whatsoever. Balloons give a great mood to the party and also give great flexibility based on your budget.

  1. Candles

If the party is at evening, then you can also think about candles. Candles are great way to light up your mood. You can also purchase scented candles ranging from $3 to $60. Also, installing candles in your party hides other lack of decorations if you are running on a budget.

  1. Color Theme

A party is always full of vibrant colors. If you are planning to throw a fabulous party, there are lots of options available. But if are on budget, you can choose a monochromatic color. White is the cheapest one and readily available and also looks neat. Fabrics like muslin are easily available and very cheap. They also don’t need any stitching.

  1. Backdrop

Want to have an expensive party? Book a Ball room. But if the weather is great, you can even arrange a party outside. Nature doesn’t need a decoration and is decorative already. Just fix some lights around the trees if it’s an evening party. You can even keep table top simple by decorating with some wildflower bouquet.

  1. Food

When it comes to party, the most important thing where people set their eye on is the buffet area. You can either choose a grand buffet or you can choose to keep the other food elements simple and decorate the dessert table. A rather beautiful and expensive multi-tiered cake for a wedding or simple cakes for a baby shower, highlight them with the decorations around them. Have some candies, cake pops, and cookies and arrange them in interesting ways!

Whether you are planning for a simple birthday party where you just need a cake, goodies and a simple decoration, or you are planning for a big wedding where you need to decorate for the ceremony and reception, decide on your budget. A wedding flower can cost hundreds of dollars, but you can easily cut a few hundred dollars by choosing on the type of flowers you are going to buy. The same goes with all the items.

All you need is a smiling face and a warm heart to lighten up the place. Your guests are surely going to enjoy it!

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