The holiday season is officially here! The Western world annually kicks off the winter season with Thanksgiving and you can feel the sparkle in the air as we approach Christmastime!

Though most only attribute Thanksgiving with turkey and sweet potato mash, the internet is currently abuzz with the “real” reason for the holiday – Pilgrims and Native Americans in the epic clash of the titans of lore. This is still no reason to dampen this season; you can still go all out and celebrate with a memorial of innocent lives lost as a side note.

We are just ending 2015 (hasn’t it gone so fast?) and so it’s time to toast the Millennials – the 90s kids who are now taking over the millennium like true bosses. Let’s take a look at how this generation plans on celebrating the festivities (hint: they are going to mix and match old traditions with technology):

  • According to a survey taken by,  millennials thankfully, still plan on devouring the good old turkey! That’s good news. Also, they don’t care about counting calories and just want to enjoy the holiday.
  • In a change from what our parents, grandparents and forefathers have done, millennials will order their ingredients online through sites such as Instacart, Google Express, Amazon Fresh and BlueApron. It seems that they don’t want to bother with grocery shopping and would rather have half their errands delivered to their doors! The good news is that such online portals will be doing some brisk business and boosting the economy and all that.
  • When it comes to alcohol, millennials know how to chug it down. The survey suggests that they will increase their consumption this time of the year, though the older generation says that they will be more careful about drinking. Well, let’s toast to this and say bottoms up!
  • It seems that millennials are not yet aware about “Friendsgiving” which is about spending the holidays with friends instead of family, though they say anyone can call it what they like – they prefer spending Thanksgiving with friends instead of family!
  • In something that should not come as a surprise for someone keeping up with the latest dieting trends, many millennials are choosing to go for vegan or vegetarian alternatives to eating meat. This is definitely a smart choice if you plan on counting calories and staying healthy through the winter.

All in all, it looks like millennials are slowly changing the way we approach the celebration of traditions. It’s a smart move really, because you still get to hold on to some good holiday memories while keeping it trendy.

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