How To Plan A Party Within Budget

All of us love parties, be it a dance party or a birthday party. Some of us equally love to host one. Organizing a party can be an expensive affair and if you think you are likely to host a lot of them then it is time you go digital and start budgeting.

Set the Budget

Before you do anything set a budget and keep the money aside. Once you have your guest list and your theme written down, you will be able ready to allocate money for decorations and refreshments. You will be mostly spending money on decorations, sound systems, lighting, refreshments, return gifts, cake (if it’s a birthday party), drinks (if it’s a cocktail party) and invitations.

Host It at Your Home

Choosing to have the party at an outside location can cost you a lot of money. Instead have it at your home, your backyard or your basement.

Go digital

Instead of buying invitations and sending them through post, save money by sending invites over e-mail and chat apps. You can also download the budget planning apps and record your spend. It helps you understand where you can reduce spending to stay within your budget.

Opt for DIY for Decorations

Keep your decorations simple, often simple is more beautiful. Some balloons and paper decorations does not cost much. You can also DIY few decorations or re-use the decorations that you already have.

Make Your Own Rrefreshments

For refreshments, buy some of the same type instead of buying different ones with varying rates. You can make some lemonade or punch at home. You can also ask your guests to bring their favorite drinks. If it is a birthday party, host it at a time between meals so you don’t have to spend on food. You can have it after lunch and before dinner time, sometime in the early evening. For other parties, if a meal is required you can order some pizzas or just make a one pot meal.

Rent Sound and Light Equipments

Get help from your friends and make a music playlist. If you need sound systems and lights, rent them out instead of thinking to buy. If hiring a photographer and DJ are not within your budget, ask friends who are interested in music and photography to help you.

Avoid Impulse Buying

Even with all these ideas, you will still need to buy paper plates, paper cups, paper napkins and throwaway spoons. If you are opting to buy decorations and refreshments then all these needs to be within your budget. Set aside a shopping trip just for buying the party stuff. You will end up buying more if combined with your normal grocery shopping. Also, stick to your list and avoid impulse buying.

Entertain your guests

If you have some budget still left hire an entertainer, a magician, a clown or a bouncy castle based on the type of party, If not go for simple games that can be organized at home. Remember, your party is a hit only when it is planned well and when your guests are having fun. So spend on things that are necessary.

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