If you are the one in charge or part of the team that is supposed to come up with a cool corporate party for your workplace that is classy and at the same time accommodates everyone, you will want to read on.

First, you need to know what type of environment your office usually encourages. The idea is to bring that into the theme, though a little laidback this time. If you work for Google, you’re golden; if you work for a law firm, you might have to rack your brains a little harder. Here are some corporate party ideas to get you on track:

  1. Play Games: One of the first things you want at a corporate party is for everyone to mingle. Whether is that quiet girl from the Operations Department or the bubbly secretary to the CEO, the main reason offices host parties is so that people get to know one another as this improves the environment during dull working days. Make sure that the games you organize are inclusive and that only the sporty ones don’t kill it.
  2. Photo Booth: Another great idea for the corporate party is to hire a photo booth or a photographer who has specifically been given the instructions to take group pictures. These create great memories and can be included to the clutter of frames on your co-workers’ desks.
  3. Entertainers: Stand-up comedians are all the rage and so are clowns (unless the boss has a phobia of them!). There are many forms of entertainers who can come in for a bit and create a couple of laughs that relaxes everyone and sets the laidback mood for the evening.
  4. Secret Santa: This is meant for small gatherings, where a bowl containing folded papers of co-workers’ names is passed around. If you get a particular note with a colleague’s name on it, you need to buy a gift. Everyone loves presents and if you and the giftee have similar taste, you can get a new friend to sit at lunch with!
  5. Contests: A little competition outside working hours can get people going. Have small games like fancy dress competitions and name-that-place so that co-workers come together and the resultant excitement in the air will be palpable.

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