The holiday season is a time for being generous and going all out to impress your loved ones. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to spend a load of money to do so. Here are some tips on throwing Christmas dinner on a budget:

  • Recycle: This is the day and age of breathing new life on something old. With DIY videos cropping up by the thousands, you will definitely find something that fits your situation.
  • This holiday season you might be busy packing loads of gifts for your loved ones. This results in gift wrapping trimmings and left over ribbons – make use of them for your serviettes and for wrapping cutlery.
  • Use flowers, fruits and scented candles to enhance the environment. The variant colors and smells that will encircle the room will leave your guests with a pleasant experience.
  • The day after Christmas is known as the leftover day. Here’s a great tip: instead of filling the table with a number of dishes, narrow it down to a few favorites that everyone will love!

And here is another tip: try to fill your guests’ stomachs with some starters so that they don’t feel like refugees at the dinner table with your minimalist menu. Alcohol does a great job in filling your guests up.

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