How To Plan A Baby Shower

Baby showers are parties organized to celebrate pregnancy and the arrival of the new baby. It has been in practice for centuries and is celebrated differently in different cultures. Some have them after the baby is born and some before. It is still in practice in various countries and is called Stork party in South Africa, Manyu in China, and baby shower in the western countries, Godbharraai in North India and Seemantham in South India.

Baby shower has become famous mostly worldwide because it is organised by the pregnant mother’s close friends and is attended by other friends. If you are looking to throw your friend a baby shower then the following ideas will help you with the planning.

Fix A Date Well In Advance

Consult with your pregnant friend and decide on a date that is convenient for her. Having it 2 or 3 months before the due date is better as the mother will be less tired and less pregnant. While both of you have common friends, check with your friend to see if she wants to add names to the list, like her colleagues and neighbours. Sometimes pregnant mothers would like to have their sisters and mothers or even close family members at the party. Get the list along with the phone numbers and addresses.

Set a Budget

Planning a party greatly depends on the amount of money you have set aside. It decides the venue, the decoration, food and gifts. Baby showers are usually held in the mid afternoon like a tea party. Decide the venue based on the climate, if it is a good time of the year, you can even have it at your backyard. You do not have to spend on a venue if you are having it at home.

Set a Theme

Discuss with another friend for theme ideas. You can go for colour coded ones if the baby’s gender is known, a jungle theme, a sugar and spices theme or baby theme. Deciding on a theme helps planning the decorations and the cake. Send out invitations a month before the shower asking them to RSVP within a week. This will help you prepare food based on the number of confirmed guests.

Buy decorations based on the theme and order the cake a week in advance. Finger foods and beverages are excellent choices for a baby shower. Based on your budget, decide if you are making them at home, buying them or ordering from a caterer. You can go for cookies shaped like bottles, diapers etc.

Baby Shower Games and Gifts

As the name goes, the pregnant mother is showered with gifts. Gifts like baby clothes, diapers, pump, crib etc, are given. The tradition is to open the gifts in front of the guests. You can plan and arrange for return gifts as a way of saying thank you to the guests. Organise baby shower games to make the party a bit more fun! Games like guessing the gender, don’t say the word baby, guess the baby food, guess mommy’s tummy size etc, are such great fun.

Remember that the shower is to celebrate the mommy to-be. Encourage the guests to share their happy birth stories and their happy moments with their baby so that the new mom is not overwhelmed.

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