Making The Best Use Out Of Party Leftovers

There was a big party at your home and by the end of the day you are left out with leftovers of all the food. All that can’t be wasted right? Really you don’t want to waste them. Well, if you would want to enjoy the leftover food in a clever way, read on and know exactly how to.

When you are arranging a party, the preparation must be done in advance (like chopping). This will allow you to use only the necessary items during the party and the remaining basic items can be stored for later use because once the basic items are used in the recipe, it is very tough to store it in the dish form (assembling of a sandwich can be done at the time of demand but the ingredients of the sandwich can be kept ready in advance).

Leftover Fruits

When fruit platters are left uneaten, they can be stored in the refrigerator. These fruits can be made into a fruit smoothie by blending them after adding some coconut milk to it. You will never have a feeling of eating a leftover. They would be so refreshing.

Leftover Veggies

If the leftover vegetables are raw, steam them and let them cool for some time. Then add them to the eggs. It will be a nice and healthy breakfast.

You can always make a salad out of vegetables or make a soup out of them.

Frozen Wine

When you have wine that is left out in the opened bottles, you can freeze it in ice trays. This can be used later by boiling them (reducing them) for a few minutes and then using them for dressing ice creams and desserts. They taste great when used that way.


You have cereal that is remaining and they have lost their crispness? Don’t throw them away. Keep them in a warm oven for 3 minutes. Then take it out and allow them to cool. They are crisp again. But use them as soon as possible.

Leftover Chicken

You can break the leftover chicken pieces and boil them with water for making the soup base for chicken soup.

Always Freeze

Most of the food items can be frozen. The exception cases are Cheese, vegetables with high water content and mayonnaise which don’t freeze well. Cut fruits also taste different when frozen. All the other food items can be frozen and used when required.

Also, store food items like banana separately because they tend to make other food items stale.

Invent New Recipes

Good at cooking? Then, why not cook a new recipe? Always group food that can be used together. This comes to you when you are more experienced in cooking.


There are lots of food banks that distribute leftovers from restaurants, weddings and big parties to people in need. You can always call them to collect the food from you. You can make donations in the form of raw materials or as cooked food. But do so as early as possible.

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