The first time for anything can always be scary. If this holiday season marks your first time in hosting dinner, do not fret. We are here to help you out and we promise you are going to rule! Before we get on to the tips, here are certain things we want you to know:

First, relax. If you feel like an anxiety attack coming on, you are not going to be helping anyone. By being cool, calm and collected, you are bound to achieve so much more.

Second, people are coming over to your place to meet you, spend time with you and create a memory with you. Martha Stewart won’t be there, so you don’t need to feel like you are going to be judged. Except for a couple of relatives who might be snarky, the rest probably already know that you went through hell fire to prepare this banquet and will appreciate you for the effort. For the aforementioned snarky guests – there is always some eggnog and other cocktails to keep them in “high spirits”.

Third, this dinner will last for a few hours; so don’t act like you are preparing for a life-changing experience like getting married or birthing a baby. Everything is going to be OK.

Now, on to the tips. Keeping it simple always does the trick and if you have children in the house, gather the little troops for some extra hands to help around. The more, the merrier!

  1. The first step is to finalize your list of guests. If you have to, personally call them up to get a confirmation of their presence or absence and once you have this down, you can take your next step.
  2. Take the safe route, which means that go for the traditional dishes. There are loads of recipes on the internet that you can refer to and here’s a pro tip: in case you find it difficult to roast the bird, ask for help from an elderly member of the family who has been there, done that several times over. They will be honored that you thought they were the “expert” and half your work will be done!
  3. When it comes to decorating, don’t go overboard. People are coming over to divulge in the feast, not auction your ornaments – no one is going to scan them thoroughly, so a few sparkly baubles and clean serving paraphernalia is more than enough!
  4. Load up on alcohol. This is a pro tip: the tipsier you are, the better looking things get! Make sure the bar is within reach and keep the refills coming!

For more tips to hosting a perfect first-timer Christmas dinner, visit this adorable site by clicking HERE.


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